I can’t do it. I tried.

I have heard all the pious commentary about how America has to unite from the divisions we are currently feeling and come together to heal our country. Good luck with that.

I think this is something I will happily pass down to the next generation. Or maybe the generation after that. Because, quite honestly, I can’t do it. I don’t want to do it. I won’t do it.

Why? Because I have taken a look at the faces of Orange Peel’s supporters and they horrify. They are so filled with hate and rage at those less fortunate; they laugh at the disabilities others go through life handling; they trash our country’s law and order agencies as phonies except when it suits them – like the same agencies that were disgraceful liars when pointing the finger at Russia for 2016 election interference are now superheroes in figuring out what the next thing on Iran’s mind was. Their faces are twisted with a glee over so many obscene things this Orange Turd has done, like the death of babies cruelly separated from their parents at our borders.

So no, as you might have guessed from what I’ve written above, I’m not ready to forgive and forget. I’m not ready to try to find common ground with his supporters – possibly for fear I will find common ground with them and then what would that say about me. No, I find this turd’s supporters to be so beyond the pale that we should have a right to sterilize them and then stick them all together in one state that they can never leave.

My belief in what America stands for and what we believe and what is (for the love of god should be) just common sense humanity – all of this is so far away from their beliefs as to be a bridge too far. They want to close our doors and I want to throw them open to refresh and revitalize our country as has happened just about every generation since we became a country. Whether it was the Germans, Irish, Italians, Jews, Vietnamese, Mid-Easterners or Hispanics, each wave of immigration has made us a stronger – and god knows tastier – country.

So once again, I have no common ground with the haters of this country – also known as Orange Peel supporters. Most Americans have no more common ground with these haters than the everyday German had with Nazis. But look what happened when they waited too long to stand up and say no. I feel America is at that same point. We either stand up and say no now, or our path to idolized emperor is just a few short years away.

If you do nothing else, for god’s sake, vote. Vote. Vote. Vote. Because our country has slipped into 3rd world status and the ignorant folk who follow this fool are not the ones to bring up back up.