Do I look ok?

I have my first telemedicine call with my diabetic doctor today. I have spent the last hour straightening out my house, making sure my desk looked clean and clear, checking out the background to make sure nothing showed that was messy. Yep, he will only see my face on the screen but should he somehow get his camera to pan around, my house will be spotless… just don’t open the closets. Stuff may have shifted as I shoved it all into them.

I actually got dressed and put shoes on for reasons I don’t understand either. I could have just pulled a shirt over my nightgown and gotten away with it. But I feel I should get dressed at least once a week to make sure all my elastic waist pants still fit. And this was my excuse to get dressed today. Even put shoes on!

Finally, thought seriously about a little make up but then thought – there are limits and I’ve just reached mine. No makeup. Why should I try to look better than I feel? And honestly, going into the 45 week of isolation, I am not looking good. When did all that gray hair arrive on my head? When did all my eyebrows turn gray? Why aren’t hairdressers considered essential services?

A little later…

Well, that was a waste. Neither my computer nor my iPad would work with the program the doc was using so we just spoke on the phone. I could have stayed in bed for that!