I am trying

I am trying to not become a formless mass of overweight protoplasm during this quarantine but it is not easy. I mean, seriously, am I the only one who hears my refrigerator calling me, like ALL the time.

I am back to being a teenager. I stand in front of an open refrigerator door that contains any number of healthy foods and snacks and all I can wonder is how long it will get the pizza to arrive if I order it immediately.

So, it turns out isolating me is not the answer for getting me excited about eating healthy.

Exercise – that other healthy thing we are supposed to do to keep our protoplasm somewhat formed – is another one of those moments causing me to question so much of my life. All this time I thought it was a pain in the ass to do any exercising because I was busy, didn’t have time, didn’t have the right clothes, it was too hot out, it was too cold out, the gym smelled, I needed to get the lasagna started… you know, all those excuses we have all made throughout our lives to justify sitting in front of the TV instead of working to get our cardio rate up.

Turns out, all those things were just that – excuses. Because here I am with nothing but time on my hands and I still find excuses to not do anything overtly strenuous – like making the bed or sweeping under the table.

I promise myself I will start walking outside once the snow is gone and I’m not afraid of the ice. Stay tuned. As soon as the ice melts, I will find another reason to ooze into my couch while watching BBC’s Sherlock and pretending I can understand even half of what they’re saying.