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Christmas memories

On snowy gray days, reminiscing becomes a way to warm you inside and out. Right now, my dogs are sleeping around me. My birds are chirping to the classical music playing for them… ok, maybe parrots don’t exactly chirp but they do their best. And I find myself remembering so many Christmases of the past.

As usual, we will have a white Christmas here. We rarely had them in Atlantic City. If we did have snow, mom just got mad because then the drive to Philly to be with family for Christmas dinner would become scary.

Not that it bothered Continue reading →


Please tell me this is a sign of good luck in the coming year

A crow crapped on my head yesterday while I was at Bird TLC. I don’t want to say he did it deliberately, but I do think it was suspicious that he took a dump just as I ducked under him to retrieve a meal worm he’d dropped.

As I washed poop out of my hair, I just kept hoping that this was a sign of good luck for the future. Because seriously, if it has no positive meaning, then I’m just some luckless schmuck with crow poop dripping down my back. Continue reading →


I’d like to start a party

I’d like to start a new political party. It would have mostly platforms lifted from the Democratic Party but would actually have a backbone. Seriously, why are the Dems just rolling over and playing dead in the face of all that Orangeman is doing.

For instance, if Barack Obama refused security briefings after being elected, the Republicans would have screamed bloody murder that he was risking America’s security because he was a secret Muslim and wanted to leave America vulnerable. But Orangeman does it and what is the Dems response? Zero. Nada. Nothing.

Yep, I’d like to see a party Continue reading →


A snowy day

It’s snowing out. The day is gray. The view from my front door could double as a Currier and Ives print. I am warm and snug. Did my food shopping yesterday so today I just have to curl up, start a fire in the fireplace and enjoy a hot mug of tea with my book while my dogs vie for the nearest position to me.

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A lazy Sunday

So the question is whether or not I feel like going out on this gray, dull day. I am so warm and cozy in my little home. Dogs sleeping around me. Birds chirping to the classical music playing for them… ok, maybe parrots don’t exactly chirp but they do their best. And given my ability to carry a tune, their little screeches are equally as easy on the ears.

Assuming the thaw goes away or some snow falls soon, we will have a white Christmas here. Or, at least, a grayish snow Christmas depending on how much exhaust gets blown Continue reading →


Et tu, Public Broadcasting?

My radio dial is never turned to anything except Alaska Public Media and KLEF, our local classical music channel. I avoid Christmas music like the plague, not only because Christmas is not, to put it mildly, my holiday but also because once those songs get into your head, it’s like a thousand earwigs playing at once and you can’t stop them.

So imagine my horror today when Marketplace was followed by a program of Christmas music. Is there no safe place left for those of us who choose not to be Santa’s elves? Has even public radio put on a Continue reading →

Columns 2016

So many lives lost

Alaska has lost a whole lot in the past couple of weeks. We lost four lives in a plane crash. We lost one life to unspeakable cruelty. And we will probably lose four more lives to prison. Not exactly the run up to Christmas that we were all hoping for

Those who died in the plane crash are mourned for all the potential that has been lost through something that Alaskans do everyday – getting on a small plane to get from here to there. In the back of our heads, we know that these accidents happen. Every time we Continue reading →


My escape

Sitcoms… where politics never enter the door and everyone is always laughing. Gets me through the evening. Keeps me from accidentally turning on the news and seeing Orangeman explaining how Putin isn’t his new BFF for throwing the election his way. Continue reading →