Oh dear lord

Even Dick Cheney thinks Orangeman’s ban on refugees is unAmerican. This from a man who supported torture and starting wars that benefited his company at the expense of the lives and limbs of some of our best and brightest. If this is not a sign of the apocalypse, I don’t know what is. Continue reading →


The women’s march

They marched in minus 38 degrees in Utqiagvik. They marched in a snowstorm in Anchorage. They marched by the millions around the nation and there was not one violent confrontation, not one arrest, not one complaint from the police that the crowd was unruly or disrespectful. Their strength was in numbers. And what numbers they were!

Plus, women try their best to do things peacefully when possible. On the other hand, push us too far and you will find out just how violent we can get.

Orangeman and his minions may offer something they now term “alternative facts” but the Continue reading →


And now it’s gone

Our beautiful snow is melted and the crud that is in our streets… and certainly my deck and back yard… that we shouldn’t see until spring is staring us in the face. I could clean up my deck. Or, I could pray for more snow to cover it and give me a few more months before I have to start shoveling the shit.

And for what it’s worth – if you feed birds on your back deck and seeds fall to the ground, you get all kinds of interesting things growing in your yard when spring does finally arise. Continue reading →

Columns 2017

And Anchorage snow day

Alaska finally seems to be getting the winter it deserves, which is full of snow and cold. Also, it’s full of a white, frosted beauty that only real Alaskans seem to be able to appreciate. So after way too many years of waiting for winter to happen, I finally had the one that eliminated any excuses for not cleaning out my closets and garage.

I must say, it was revealing. I have apparently not done this since moving down from Barrow. That would explain the 30-year-old backpack tossed into the top of my closet. Or the twenty-five mug warmers that Continue reading →


Hmmm… do I see a pattern here?

OK, correct me if I’m wrong but haven’t the last two Republican presidents, the Shrub and Orangeman, lost the popular vote? And didn’t Obama win the popular vote BOTH times he ran? And now Hillary Clinton carries on the proud tradition of winning the vote and losing the election. Just in case anyone wonders who the American people really wanted for president.

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