My escape

Sitcoms… where politics never enter the door and everyone is always laughing. Gets me through the evening. Keeps me from accidentally turning on the news and seeing Orangeman explaining how Putin isn’t his new BFF for throwing the election his way. Continue reading →


Whatever happened to Benghazi?

Remember how before the election all you heard about was Benghazi and how the House was going to “get” Hillary Clinton for it? Notice how that whole issue disappeared after the election? Just another smear campaign against a woman who never did anything in her life except for trying to serve the American people. Way to go, Republicans. You truly are assholes. Continue reading →


Happy Birthday, Grace

Today my friend Grace becomes officially very old. I, of course, am younger than her by almost a full two months so I’m not officially very old yet. Grace and I have been friends since we were 3 years old growing up next door to each other. Which makes it even funnier when we get into conversations now and instead of talking boys or kids, we talk about our latest doctor visits and which parts of our bodies are, or are not, falling apart.

Grace now has a wandering toe issue. I have a wandering endocrine system. We all have Continue reading →

Columns 2016

A holiday message

Black Friday is over and we are now fully engaged in the orgy of shopping that has become our holiday season. When we emerge from our shopping stupor around January 2 and see the credit card bills, we might not think those gifts were as much fun as they were when we were buying them. But if you take just a moment to actually honor the spirit of the season, you might find a way to make at least some of those gifts as palatable after the holidays as before.

Yes, this is my annual pitch for everyone to try Continue reading →


Meet Nayla

Meet the newest member of my family. Her name is Nayla and she is 8 yrs. old and weighs about 8 pounds. She is my favorite breed… rescue!

Carm is pretty ok with this. So long as he’s on his pain meds, he’s really ok with just about anything.

Snowy’s nose, on the other hand, is way out of joint. He and Nayla circle each other looking for an opening to steal whatever toy the other one has. I find this highly amusing. It keeps Snowy occupied so he doesn’t bother Carm. And as sweet as Nayla is… and she Continue reading →


Another reason to count our blessings

Wow. In a two day period I heard that a dear friend from Barrow is being treated for lung cancer, an attorney I knew from the borough… one of the sweetest men ever… died recently and the vet who has held my hand through so many painful partings with my little family almost died of a heart problem on Sunday.

I’m sitting here stunned. How am I still alive and that attorney is dead? How do I have a relatively healthy heart and that young vet almost dies in his bed? How do I, a committed smoker for over twenty Continue reading →


What is wrong with this picture

Every day I check my website for comments. And every day, amidst the comments from actual people, I receive at least ten spams from someone trying to sell me Viagra on the cheap. No one is trying to spam me over birth control pills. But Viagra… dear lord. I realize that for some men the ability to get and sustain an erection is the definition of their manhood but honestly guys, women aren’t that shallow. We also like other things that don’t depend on a pill to achieve. Sometimes we just want you to listen or hold us or help Continue reading →