White-knuckle driving

When I was much, much younger, I thought driving through snow on clogged roads was a blast, a challenge, something that exhilarated me.

After being required to drive in yesterday’s storm, I would like to reverse my judgement on those drives. They are horrible, scary and cause my stomach to hurt so much I can’t even eat… and as we all know, when I can’t eat, I must be having a near death experience.

Don’t get me wrong. I love the snow. I’d just love it more if I could just stay home and watch it out the window instead Continue reading →


Snow days

I love snow days when I can sink into my chair and watch the snow fall while staying safe and warm in my home. But today I have to go out for two different animal appointments. Sigh. Please hold the worse of the snow off until I get back. I hate white-knuckling it while I’m driving. I hate it even more when there is no car in front of me to follow and I have to figure out where the lane is.

But aside from that, I love snow days.

Happy MLK Day too! Seems more important this year than Continue reading →


Gosh golly

And now it’s almost zero and the wind is blowing. Makes me want to crawl back into bed, pull the blanket up to my chin, settle the dogs in around me so their warm little bodies help keep me comfy and not get up until spring. Don’t know how it is in the rest of Anchorage, but the wind blew the frost off most of my trees so the beauty of the frigid day is diminished while the freezing factor is upped. Yep, living in Alaska is not for wimps. Continue reading →

Columns 2017

Both parties need to retire

Has it occurred to anyone else that both the Democrats and the Republicans have become the parties of dysfunction? Is it perhaps time to retire them both to the dustbin of history and start anew?

Look at the Dems. They lost the election and since then have pretty much been curled up in a whimpering ball of shaking goo. If Hillary had won and then it became public knowledge that her win had been at least partly assisted by the Kremlin, the Republicans would not be curled up and quivering. They would have fourteen special committees investigating it. They would Continue reading →


Quoth the Raven – Nevermore

No photo could do justice to what I see outside my window. Ice fogs are all over Anchorage and one settled in my circle. I looked out as darkness fell and all I see was a gray, icy world with frozen trees encased in frost. It is a world straight out of Edgar Allen Poe. You could almost hear the raven. Continue reading →


It’s that time of the year again

The air around the state feels cleaner, more easy to breathe, as though a pestilence had departed. And then I remember that the air has improved everywhere but in Juneau where all the bad air is about to descend in one foul smelling ball of politicians who will once again spend more time than allotted trying to avoid making the hard decisions about how to keep Alaska financially afloat.

Just as the spectacle of the Orangeman starts to sink into our consciousness as the most horrible of horrible political mistakes America ever made, here comes the Alaska Legislature to show Continue reading →


I don’t get it

Republicans have been screaming for over four years about repealing the Affordable Care Act. Yet they now need another year to come up with a plan to do that while trying to salvage the good things in it… like coverage even for pre-existing conditions. What the hell have they been doing for the past four years? Did they seriously spend all that time bitching about something without trying to figure out a plan to fix it? Or are their brains so small they couldn’t handle two things at once… abolishing one plan while replacing it with another.

Assholes. Idiots. No, Continue reading →