Why are these women starving?

I’ve been looking at pictures from New York fashion week and all I can say is, “Will someone please feed those poor girls? They don’t look strong enough to handle the material they are wearing.”
And my second thought is… does anyone in this group design dresses for women who are not a size minus 0?
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What is wrong with me

Is it just me or do other people have trouble accepting compliments too? A very nice Episcopal priest stopped me after a funeral to express his feelings that my columns seem to suggest an understanding of the real meaning of Christianity that many who publicly profess it don’t have. Instead of graciously accepting his words, I did what I always do when complimented. I started babbling. In this case, I started babbling about being an atheist. In my head I was saying, “Shut up. Shut up.” But my mouth was just vomiting forth insane sentences and couldn’t be controlled. The Continue reading →


Let’s all shop at Nordstom’s

I went to Nordstrom’s on Friday and bought clothes for my trip to Vegas. Given how often I voluntarily enter a clothing store to buy clothes, this was a special event. It was made even more special by the fact that I kept my middle finger extended to Orangeman the whole time I was in there. I actually bought more stuff than I needed just to keep Nordstrom’s profits rising no matter what that piece of defecated crap says. He may be destroying our country, but at least we can prevent him from destroying Nordstrom’s. Continue reading →


Is Elizabeth Warren the only Democrat with balls?

While most Democrats remain curled up in quivering balls, afraid to look up for fear they will be slapped down again, Elizabeth Warren emerges as the only Democrat with balls enough to take them on.

I’m still stuck in imagining what the Republicans would be saying and doing if the president were a Democrat doing all these lovely things Orangeman is doing like promoting his daughter’s business using the power of the presidency or if his wife’s only role as First Lady is to sell her jewelry. Unethical and immoral is ok if you are a Republican. Or maybe the Continue reading →

Columns 2017

Alaska’s silent legislature

Be quiet. Quieter. No, I mean really, really quiet. Because I’m sure if you get quiet enough you’ll be able to hear the healthy and vigorous debates going on in our state legislature over our fiscal crisis and how to handle it so that we can still pay the light bill.

Hmmm… seems no matter how quiet we get, we hear nothing. But just wait a few months and then hear the sounds of our legislators explaining their need to go into overtime because this is a problem that simply can’t be solved in a week. Listen to them explain Continue reading →


When will he be impeached?

Surely even members of Congress who are in his party know the Orangeman is mentally unstable and definitely unfit to hold office. If this was how Obama conducted himself in his first two weeks in office, they would have had his head on a plate already. But because it’s their boy, they don’t seem to care what he destroys as long as he signs their bills.

How unAmerican will this have to get before they do something about it? They seem so very ready to wrap themselves up in an American flag, wear flag lapel pins, scream American’s number one Continue reading →


So proud of Nayla

When Carm got home from his dental work that included an extraction, he was pretty wiped out. Nayla stayed right next to him, sniffing, sitting protectively next to him, acting like a momma (which she’s clearly been in the past) and seeming to not want to move until she was sure he was ok. She didn’t even try to steal his toy when he fell asleep. Now that’s mother love.

Snowy, on the other hand, figured with Carm out of commission, he’d just go ahead and eat Carm’s dinner too.

The difference between male and female!

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Why isn’t he being impeached?

Yesterday, Donald Trump defended Putin’s ordered hits to kill people who opposed him to “mistakes” America has made. Oh sweet Jesus! If Obama had said that, the Republicans would have already had him impeached. But what are the Dems doing? I don’t know. It’s hard to say because you can’t understand their statements so long as they remain curled up in a fetal position whimpering. Continue reading →