I’m starting to understand

I’m starting to understand my Uncle Joe’s words as he helped us close my mother’s casket… “Once there were seven of us and now there’s just me.”

I walk though my bird room and think that once there were seven there and now there are only four. And while I realize some may not think the grief is similar, to anyone who has ever had a much loved companion animal, you know the grief is as deep and gripping as any grief you will ever feel.

I’m rapidly reaching the point where I’d rather be with them than here. No, Continue reading →


Not in my family

I don’t know who all these people are that claim that the language Trump used in that infamous video is just locker room talk that all men have heard all their lives. But what I do know is that if my brother or any of my male cousins ever spoke about women that way, our mothers would collectively swoop down from heaven and beat them soundly with a broom.

In families where men are raised to respect women, they do not talk that way or use that language about women ever.  Ever. We did not hear it growing up. Our Continue reading →


RIP my beautiful Abdul


My heart is broken again. First I lost Captain and now I’ve lost you. And now I feel lost knowing I’ll never hear you tell me to Shut Up! or I Love You! or your wonderful good night greeting of Good Morning said at the top of your voice while I was putting you to bed at night. I can’t wait to join you and all my other beloved pets over that Rainbow Bridge. Continue reading →

Columns 2016

Anchorage should be proud of its police

I think it’s time to take a break from the horror of our current presidential campaign and turn inward just a bit. Because, quite frankly, once the word for a baby cat entered into the national debate in a presidential election, all hope that the campaigns would somehow get back to real issues is lost. All hope that our current presidential campaigns will not embarrass us on a global level has vanished. It’s time to turn our thoughts towards something locally that we can honestly take pride in.

Have you noticed that our Anchorage Police Department has been in three Continue reading →


I think I broke her heart

So my dear friend Elaine Mello came over on Sunday to help me figure out outfits for my European trip next month. She even brought some of her own scarves for me to try on. Poor dear lady. I can’t stand anything around my neck. It’s why you will never see me in a turtleneck or cowl neck anything. But Elaine so wanted me to understand how beautiful the right scarf could make my fairly plain clothes. Sadly, there is simply no way to truly explain to someone how even a loose scarf can feel like a hang noose tightening Continue reading →


What happened to the snow

A few weeks ago, termination dust could be seen on the mountains surrounding Anchorage. Now it’s all gone again. There was a time we watched termination dust slowly work its way down the mountains and knew when we would be next. Now… we vainly look for the mountains to have enough snow to sustain at least a small hope of a real winter. Sadly, the forecast is another one like last one… little snow, lots of rain and that oh so fun ice that forms at night on the rain wet streets.

Isn’t global warming fun? Continue reading →


Here’s how my morning started

I just spilled a whole cup of coffee over my desk, keyboard, floor and box of books that will clearly now never get sold as new. This is how my day started.

I refuse to let it end with a debate between Tiny Orange Cheeto man and the other candidate. Instead, I will watch The Big Lebowski.  I can’t have my day bookended with two tragedies. Continue reading →


Am I the only one…

Am I the only person who has a shirt or sweatshirt that is so comfortable and easy to wear but is just this side of not being wearable outside the house anymore? And do you agonize as I do when trying to decide if it’s disrespectful to wear it to coffee with friends because after all, you really can’t see the frayed parts yet?

While others focus on world peace, I focus on the concerns of everyday people. Continue reading →


Stellar Jays and me

elisestellajay elisestellarjay2 elisestellarjay3

I have a family of Stellar Jays that have lived in trees in my backyard almost since the day I bought this house. After years of patience and putting peanuts out for them with some reliability, I’ve actually gotten them to come to my hand to take a peanut. I know this sounds silly but having that little bit of fluffy blue wildness trust me enough to come to my hand fills me with a happiness that is hard to explain. Continue reading →