You do the math

The latest polls are showing that pot use among senior citizens is up 333%. Seniors are also known for being one of the largest and most faithful voting groups. And suddenly pot is being voted into legality in state after state.

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Fingernails on a chalkboard

Trump’s voice makes my whole body cringe. I have reached the point where I can’t even listen to new excerpts where they play just a cut from his latest speech or rant. When his voice comes on the radio or TV, I mute it and look away.

Will this campaign season never end. Will we never learn from the Brits how to run a campaign in about six weeks instead of three years of pain, torture and disgust with our political class.

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Help me understand this

So Trump wants to ban all Muslims based on the fact that some are terrorists. And we should call them all Muslim extremists because that’s their religion. So if we hold true to this logic, shouldn’t we also ban all white male Christians? I mean, they are the ones who have carried out the majority of terrorist attacks in America whether it be in a church, movie theater, school, university or workplace.

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There is always the Fair

joesnake gretajoeIn 1992, Queen Elizabeth II gave a speech in which she referred to the previous year as her “Annus Horribillis”, her horrible year. As Halloween decorations take over store displays that had once promoted grills, and yellow leaves cover our carefully tended green lawns, Americans have a right to look back on this past summer and think of it as our very own “atrox aestas”, horrible summer.

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I pay the bills… my legs should have room in my bed

I have dogs sleeping on either side of me since sharing the same side of the bed is not something they willingly do. I move my legs to get more comfortable and accidentally nudge one of the dogs. He gets up, heaves a sigh, stands for a moment smacking his lips, then turns around about three times and flops right back down where he was. And my legs still don’t have enough room. It seems to me that if I pay the bills, I should get at least enough leg room to stretch out my legs in bed, right?  Well, Continue reading →


Awkward conversations

Awkward conversation number one:

Said to a friend while at dinner. “So I’ve always wondered if your father ever actually sat you down and spoke to you about the fact that he was gay or did he just let the knowledge happen?”

Said by friend’s husband: “Well, now you have confirmation.”

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