March Madness Alaska style

My house is full of Barrow people down for the state basketball championships.  Barrow boys lost but the Barrow girls are still in the scramble for the title. So the excitement continues and I can’t turn a corner in town without seeing a familiar face from home down for the games.  Meanwhile, poor Mr. T cowers on the stairs afraid to navigate the downstairs sitting room to get to his office pillow because the room is occupied by three wonderful but active young boys and their dad and Mr. T is just not sure at all that this is safe for him.  The boys, young as they are, are gentle and understanding about his age and infirmities.  Meanwhile, I can just see from the look that I’m getting from Mr. T that I will pay very soon for this disruption to his daily schedule.  I wonder if he’ll use my Chinese silk carpets again to express that displeasure?