Stop it, stop it, stop it

Some young whippersnapper in New York is suing a bar on behalf of all young men saying that Ladies Night at the bar discriminates against him. As someone who was front lines of the gender wars to get women treated as equals, let me say this about that. Stop it you little….well, I guess I’m still too much of a lady…no, I’m not. Stop it, asshole!  This is known as that proverbial one step too far. Because based on your theory, every restaurant that offers a buffet discriminates against me because I’ve had bypass surgery and can’t eat much. And every restaurant that gives a senior discount is discriminating against every one who isn’t a senior.  So just stop it. You are making something that is a deadly serious issue into a joke…oh wait, is that your intent? To make real discrimination a joke so that those of us who are still fighting for workplace equality are made to look foolish? Because if that’s what your ulterior motive is, I’d suggest you not hope for much in your Christmas stocking besides coal. In fact, I’ll take is as a personal task to make sure its Mrs. Claus who visits you on Christmas.