I guess Wilson is acclimating

When my foster bird Wilson, a beautiful conure, first came here, he would get hysterical if he saw a moose in the yard and start screaming at the top of his lungs.This morning, I went to his cage to get the old food and water out and there was a moose standing not half an inch from the window his cage is next to. He didn’t make a sound. Just stared at the moose and then went back to ringing his bell which is what he does when he thinks his meal is late. So either he has come to some sort of living arrangement with the moose or has finally figured out how big he is compared to how big they are and doesn’t feel that he should be drawing attention to himself by screaming when one is that close. On the other hand, since he firmly believes the sound of the ringing bell is what makes a meal magically appear, he was willing to risk the moose noticing him for that reward.