And now comes the packrat

I am usually pretty good about dumping stuff. My garage is apparently pretty empty compared to most – at least it seems to be based on the gasps of people who enter and are amazed I could still fit two cars into the two car garage.  I only have one car but you never know when the other side might be needed, right?

Anyhow, my house is being painted and I am now taking stuff off the walls that have been up since I moved in ten years ago and finding it very hard to part with most of it. There are numerous professional awards, some proclamations, comics from Bloom County that I refuse to part with and have actually laminated… you know, that kind of critical stuff.

So, to resolve the dilemma, I’m putting the shelves up in the garage that were in one of the spare bedrooms and will then pile all the boxes now holding this stuff onto them. I will promptly forget they are there and by the time my loving family is going through them after my demise, I won’t have to give a damn.  Death… the gift that keeps on giving.