How old am I?

Two friends and I were planning a girls’ night out with theater and drinks and maybe even dinner. Only one of us couldn’t make it until just about the time we’d have to leave the restaurant for the play. After attempting a series of elaborate plans for somehow meeting up and at least getting in a little time together before the play, or maybe moving the whole thing to another night, we just ended up planning to meet her there.

What’s the one thing missing from all this that gives our age away? It’s the fact that not one of us ever suggested going out for drinks and food AFTER the play. After 10 PM we need to be home and in our jammies and ready to go to bed to read or watch TV. But be out drinking or eating… god, we’d pay for that indiscretion with the kind of indigestion and weariness that would lead us to believe we were probably having a heart attack.