Lions and tigers and eggs, oh my

Put seven eggs in a pan of water to boil them so I’d have a week’s worth of boiled eggs for Kodi, the northwestern crow (and Bird TLC education bird) who lives with me in the spring, summer, fall. Promptly forgot about them when I came downstairs to check mail and do some laundry. Childhood friend Grace is visiting. As she sat in the living room reading, she heard popping sounds. Looked up and saw eggs sailing across the dining room. By the time we got them off the stove, all had exploded and were to be found on the ceiling, floor, cabinets, windows, microwave… you name it, and exploded egg was stuck to it. And I do mean stuck.

Fun suggestion for entertaining out of state friends when they come to visit.. have them help you scrape seven eggs off your dining room and kitchen’s various counters, floors, ceilings and windows. Might even discourage a re-visit in a year.