A scary world for young men

So the POS currently sullying the White House thinks that this is a scary time for young men. Well, here’s a fun note, Donnie. It’s been a scary time for women – young or old – for centuries. So pardon me if I don’t weep for the fear your sons may be feeling.

I find it amazing that the old white men who run this country have found a way to make this about them, to make this about how this hurts them and how this causes them pain. Guess what, bubbas. You don’t get to bitch and complain because your white privilege is being questioned. You no longer get to grope us and choke us and force your ugly little penises on us because boys will be boys and if we didn’t want to be raped then we wouldn’t have worn such a sexy outfit.

Women are tired of being responsible for your sexual urges. Women are tired of being the ones who have to try to control the situation – until you start beating us or choking us into submission. Women are sick and tired of being the only adults in the room.

It’s over, assholes. It’s over. You think you’re scared now? Wait until we get really angry. Then you should all consider running to some country where rape is still acceptable so long as you are the right color and have enough power and money. But run fast. Because we run faster. And by the time you arrive, we’ll make sure you can’t hide there either.

This is a scary time for young men? Fuck you, Trump. Because it’s not scary for men who respect women and understand what no means. I realize that’s a concept that is bigger than your brain so I don’t expect you to understand. Just know that we will no longer be silent in the face of abuse. We will no longer internalize it into somehow being our fault. We will no longer be responsible for your control over your penis.

Put Kavanaugh on the Supreme Court and expect a revolution in this country. Go ahead, make our day.

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  1. Elstun W Lauesen says:

    Well said, Elise! Migwetch!

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