So this is what it’s come to…

Monday mornings are not, for the most part, anyone’s favorite mornings. But waking up in an America ruled by the POS currently sullying the White House and his syncophants on the Hill is especially depressing and unnerving.

Let’s start with POS once again threatening to pull out of the Iran nuclear deal. I guess in a way it could be a blessing… getting nuked is looking more and more enticing when put up against more years of this rotting orange peel.  The we have a prostitute suing him for defamation. Yep, for all of you wishing he would get impeached, Continue reading →


Here’s something I will never understand

if Christians believe there is a heaven and it’s a wonderful place to be, why do they fight so hard to keep people alive who have no quality of life or any chance of achieving any in the near or distant future? What is their point? That they don’t really believe as much as just hope? That their needs outweigh the needs of the terminally ill patient?

The little boy who just died in London had been on life support for a year while a degenerative brain disease left him in a semi-vegetative state. Without mechanical life support, he would Continue reading →


What’s the point?

What is the point of the White House Correspondents’ Dinner? And who in their right mind would agree to be the host? You get asked to a dinner that is based on satire, humor and bashing icons that the rest of the year you have to pretend to respect.  You do your best and then, when the dinner is over, you get completely trashed for being mean. Every year as this event gears up and starts looking for a host, I imagine comedians all over the country peer at their phones with fear that they will get the call.

And Continue reading →


All those covers

Some people on the far right have been complaining that as beautiful as Melania is, she hasn’t gotten anywhere near the number of magazine covers that Michelle Obama had.

Aside from how silly this question is  (seriously, how many glamorous magazine covers were Laura Bush or Hillary Clinton on?), let’s look at some other reasons why these publications seemingly favored Michelle.

1. Michelle looked like she was having fun and enjoyed being First Lady. Melania doesn’t.

2. Michelle and her husband actually seemed to love each other and that gave her a glow. Melania looks like she wishes she could Continue reading →


I sound more coherent on drugs!

I sound more coherent while under the influence of anesthesia or pot than the POS currently sullying the White House does when taking his morning dump while ostensibly sober.

Seriously, did you hear his incoherent ramblings on the Trump News Channel yesterday? Even they had to cut him off for fear he would continue to ramble right through lunch, assuming an aide didn’t come to take him off the toilet. More than a year after the election, this orange turd is still fixated on Hillary and how she took the popular vote. He’s still insisting he’s done nothing wrong even Continue reading →


And another pig drops

I was once one of the most faithful viewers of the Cosby Show… except for one episode that I always thought was odd and creepy. It’s called Barbecue and, for those of you not up on the show, it involved a barbecue sauce that Cosby concocted that made you sleepy and apparently very sexy to those around you. There’s a scene of son-in-law Alvin caressing his wife’s neck as she leans against him with a sleepy, dreamy look on her face after ingesting the sauce. The message I got from this episode was that women apparently liked sex when they Continue reading →


Evangelical Christians – America’s Taliban

Evangelicals are the worse. The twisted logic they use to somehow decide the POS currently sullying the White House is a good Christian would be funny if it wasn’t so scary. Evangelicals are America’s terrorists. They will take us down as a democracy and replace us with their version of a theocracy. Be afraid, Americans – the Evangelicals are coming for you and won’t leave until they have destroyed all that our Forefathers ever thought was precious and sacred about our democracy.

Religion truly must be the opiate of the masses – it’s the only thing that can explain a Continue reading →


Ah Ronny, we hardly knew ye!

Ronny Jackson, POS’ nominee to run the VA, is in a bit of a fight due to what some might refer to as his unsavory activities such as drinking on the job and passing out pills like your street corner Dr. Feelgood.

Seriously, folks, did we need to go any further than his extremely humorous and entertaining description of POS’ health last year to raise questions about his competency, medical knowledge, ethics and general common sense. I mean, he stood there in front of cameras and microphones and actually said, with a straight fact, that POS weighed 239 pounds. I Continue reading →


Too funny

Did you see it? Did you see the video of the POS currently sullying the White House trying to hold his wife’s hand? Truly one of the funniest things I’ve seen in a long time.

I know, I know. I should feel sorrier for Melania. But I don’t. She signed up to sleep with this bag of rancid pizza dough and provide him with even more obscene offspring. She was an adult. She knew what she was getting into.

Still, you’ve got to see the video. It’s the POS with Macron at a photo op. POS’ hand taps hers, reaches Continue reading →


Guantanamo Bay

Does that name sound familiar? You remember. Almost twenty years ago we sent people there. Then we locked the door, tossed the key and walked away.

OK, maybe we didn’t do exactly that but damn close. How can we call ourselves a nation of laws if we can put people in a gulag for years without access to counsel or any chance to prove whether or not they’ve done anything to deserve this punishment. And yes, I know about those “trials” that we offered to a select few prisoners while declaring other ineligible for legal counsel.

Yep, I know. These Continue reading →