A sad and troubled family

So Dylan Farrow accuses Woody Allen of molesting her and is backed up by her brother – child genius, Pulitzer Prize winner and probably Frank Sinatra’s son – Ronan Farrow. Then Moses Farrow posts a blog in which he calls his mother, Mia Farrow, the abuser while claiming to be a family counselor.

Don’t know where Moses got his degree but I must say that most family counselors I know would not recommend this as a good way to start healing a family.

I feel sorry for the kids of famous people. It always looks like it would have to Continue reading →


The end of America’s century

We were looking pretty good for awhile. You know, after the war – and by that I mean the big one, the one we actually declared – but before the Shrub’s administration.

Oh how great life was. The richest people in America paid over 50% of their wealth in taxes and yet still had second homes and yachts. America’s working class could survive on one income. Workers had fought for and achieved benefits like health care and annual leave. Going to college didn’t involve going into a lifetime’s worth of debt. We were young. We were optimistic. We took the Continue reading →


Abby leaves behind lots of questions

Given this is the age of Me Too, I have to wonder what really happened at NCIS that caused the Abby character to depart. Not only did she depart, but she filmed no scenes with Mark Harmon for the last year or so. Even if they were supposed to be in a scene together, they filmed on different days. That makes me wonder. Makes me wonder a lot.

Remember when Zeva left? It was so weird. One day she’s there, next day she’s resigned. And no reason was ever given. She just disappeared into silent darkness.

Can you say Non Continue reading →


Oliver North…. an idiot for all ages

Here’s the statements he’s made as head of the NRA since our most recent school shooting – well, the most recent as of this writing.

“North called for metal detectors in schools and pushed the National Rifle Association’s ‘school shield’ agenda, which he said offers school’s a free security assessment that includes looking at how people enter and exit buildings.”

“North on Sunday also suggested that much or at least part of the problem with school shootings is young people, mostly males, being exposed to a culture of violence and being on Ritalin, a medication prescribed largely to help with Continue reading →


And here we thought Eric was the embarrassment!

One must seriously question whether or not Don Jr. actually has a brain or whether he’s just a slightly creepy automaton meant to represent the hero of Bonfire of the Vanities.

Not only does he meet with foreign emissaries to influence our election – something any right thinking American would find highly reprehensible and criminal… well, any right thinking American that isn’t a brainwashed, drooling evangelical Christian who thinks only liberals can sin… but he writes about it, talks about it, friggin’ admits it! Does he really think he is American royalty sitting above the criminal justice system so that Continue reading →


Hold on, Texas. Thoughts and prayers are coming your way…

Yep, America is now about to embark on another orgy of thoughts and prayers. We won’t do anything about the guns that are destroying us. We won’t do anything to fund schools so they can provide adequate help and counseling to troubled kids. We won’t pay for more community mental health clinics. And god forbid we do anything to piss off the NRA. They might shoot us if we did.

So you know the drill, America. Thoughts and prayers. Tears. Funerals that break your heart. Politicians telling you this is not the time to discuss gun control. The NRA saying Continue reading →


My immigrant grandparents were animals?

Wow. That POS currently sullying the White House sure knows how to be an asshole without seeming to even try. Is there not one adult in his circle willing to tell him that you shouldn’t say everything that pops into your mind without first thinking about how it might sound… you know, especially if you are currently pretending to be president of what used to be these great United States.

My grandparents were immigrants. And while they did not come from one of those countries POS thinks are shit holes, they did come here totally illiterate with few skills. All Continue reading →

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Surprising headline of the day

Under the heading of DUH!, there is the startling revelation that indeed that POS currently sullying the White House paid his lawyer back for the hush money paid to a porn star who he violated while his wife was home with their new baby. Way to go, evangelical Christians. You certainly picked the right role model for your brand of crap.

Second fun headline of the day, also under the DUH category, the Senate (including Republicans) have announced that the Russians did try to interfere with the 2016 election. Welcome to 2018, guys. Most of us have know this for Continue reading →


If I hear this argument one more time!

OK, folks – especially you, Jeffery Perry of Eagle River – listen up. I am going to walk you through the logical conclusion of your argument that gun laws are useless because people will just break them. This argument points out that despite laws against murder, rape and robbery, all those crimes still happen. Despite the laws against drugs, drugs flood our streets. So the logical conclusion to this argument is that all laws are useless because people will break them anyway. So why are we even trying to criminalize those things? Won’t make any difference, right?

Seriously, are some Continue reading →


Mother’s Day

My mother and I didn’t always get along well. (That collective gasp you just heard was the sarcastic response of my family to that statement.) But no matter how tough things got between us, I never once doubted that if I needed her for anything, she’d be there in a heartbeat. Because that’s what moms do. They give you the last piece of cake, they put a bandage on your boo-boo even when you’re forty and they worry about the health of your bowel movements until the day they die.

So today we rightfully celebrate all things mother. And since Continue reading →