Are we really that afraid of people of color?

It’s been a depressing week of headlines about white people reporting black people to the police for existing in a place white people apparently don’t think they belong. While any week under this administration is depressing, this is about Americans hating Americans for no reason beyond skin color. Is this really who we are?

The current administration has given its blessing to racists and haters. Neo-nazis are marching in our streets in front of the aging eyes of the generation that fought to defeat them. Racists are running for office while openly avowing discrimination and hate as their platforms. Immigrants Continue reading →


I never thought I could hate someone so much

POS’ actions today, pulling us out of a nuclear accord that the entire rest of the industrialized world including Russia and China thought was good and worked well, has isolated us to a degree I never thought possible.

I mean, think about it. Russia, China and the European Union are all still in it and don’t plan to pull out. That isolates us from pretty much every industrialized country in the world. We could turn to South America or Central America or Mexico but… yeah,  they’re still mad about the rapists and drug dealers comment and our immigration policy of Continue reading →


You might as well put the hands on midnight

You know that nuclear clock that tracks how close the world is to blowing itself up in a nuclear war? Well, the POS currently sullying the White House has pushed the arms of that clock straight to midnight. I expect him to destroy us and contaminate this planet with nuclear fall out before the end of this year.

Every other 1st world nation and our own state department confirms that Iran is living up to its end of the bargain. Every other signatory to this deal calls it a diplomatic coup d’etat in successfully created a program that allows boots Continue reading →


Here’s what really discourages me the most

Sure, the POS currently sullying the White House carries the most responsibility for fostering hate, discrimination, homophobia and just about every other worse impulse in human nature. But he couldn’t win with that strategy if there weren’t a lot of homophobes and racists in America. And that’s what I find the most discouraging.

I had no idea the veneer of tolerance and compassion was so thin in America. POS didn’t have to scratch the surface very hard to find hundreds of thousands of people who feel they finally have someone who speaks to them. And that someone is a racist, Continue reading →


I don’t like Kanye either but…

Kanye West is clearly a troubled individual. Whether his bizarre behavior is a product of drug abuse or a mental health challenge that he should be taking meds for, he has clearly got some significant issues in his life. And honestly, if he was just an ass like the one in the White House, I’d have no problem heaping abuse on him for his insane comment about slavery being a choice of the slaves. (Someone please give this guy a dictionary so he can look up the definition of the word “slave”.) But he is clearly mentally ill. And people Continue reading →


We’ve always accepting lying as part of politics

Politicians lying to the public are as common as rain in the rain forest and as old as humanity’s first attempt at political organization. We accept that politicians will say or do just about anything to get elected. We filter what they say through our minds and decide what is wheat and what is chaff. And for each of us, the answer can be different.

But I truly think we have crossed the line when we accept that an elected president… someone already in office, campaign over… would blatantly lie over and over and over – and get caught in Continue reading →