Keeping us off balance

So the Twitterverse is alive with tweets about the fact that the POS currently sullying the White House didn’t hold an umbrella over his wife’s head in the rain. And Senator Warren and the POS are having a feud over whether he owes a charitable donation because she’s proven she has Native American ancestry in her background. Headlines are made about the most inane and stupid things while the real issues are in the background – complicated, needing thoughtful exploration, possibly life changing for this planet and its people.

The world no longer looks to us for leadership. China and Continue reading →


Who is the most bullied person on earth?

Let’s start by admitting it’s not Melania Trump. No one who lives in a gilded cage atop a skyscraper in Manhattan when she isn’t living off the American people in a gorgeous mansion in DC can really claim to be that bullied without generating a lot of laughter.

Here’s who I think are truly the most bullied people on earth.

For starts, if you live in America and are a black boy or man, you come ahead of Melania in being the most bullied. Whether you are babysitting some kids or your backpack accidentally touches a white woman, the police Continue reading →


How can anyone still deny climate change?

OK, I understand that the people still denying climate change are conservative Republicans who also believe that Noah saved all the animals by putting them on a boat – though I’ve never heard an explanation of how he got the T Rex on there – unless god let the T Rex die because he was bad. I have also always wondered how we re-peopled the whole earth from the few people allowed on the boat. And if it’s true that it happened that way, then didn’t god direct Noah to save Asians and Africans and Indians as well as Caucasians? Continue reading →


Lisa – why I’m not impressed

Lots of controversy is surrounding Lisa Murkowski and her speech on the Senate floor concerning Brett Kavanaugh’s elevation to the Supreme Court. Seems like everyone is mad at her… kind of. So let me start by saying the people making death threats, claiming she should be raped, or trashing her home are all the worse of Americans and should be in those cages we now have little children in at the border.

However, having said that, I have to state that I am not in the crowd of admirers singing the praises of her courage in defying her party. From Continue reading →


Columbus Day is not what it used to be

I grew up with a statue of Columbus in the nearest thing we had to a park in Atlantic City in the fifties. I grew up in an Italian community.  Columbus Day was a big thing. As immigrants to America, he was our hero, the one we could point to and say we belong because he started it all and he’s Italian. Needless to say, when this history was presented to us, Native Americans got short shrift. They were the savages that Europeans brought “civilization” to. They were the savages we saved by converting them to Christianity. They were, in Continue reading →


And so it ends

America had a good run for a couple hundred years. But now, like the Roman Empire, we begin the slide into dictatorship with diminishing influence on the world stage and a party of old white men supported by other rich old white men ruling a populace that is starting to look very ripe for revolution.

I feel as though this is a problem that needs to be passed to the next generation. My generation is dying out. We won’t live to see the total destruction of America by these disgusting men of privilege led by an orange POS trying to Continue reading →


Lisa or Sarah – there is no difference

Lisa Murkowski will vote “present” on Kavanaugh. She won’t vote “no” so as to not upset her Republican buddies. So the reality is that Lisa is not an independent. She is a Republican who tries to hide it so that she can keep getting re-elected by Alaskans who keep hoping she’ll be a true independent. Word of advice to those Alaskans – she hasn’t been in the past and she won’t be in the future. She will do whatever she has to in order to maintain her power. She is no different than any other two bit politician who is Continue reading →


What about the prosecutor?

For those of you not from Alaska, this is about a recent plea agreement a judge approved that resulted in no jail time for a man who pleaded guilty to a felony assault on a woman. (

The felon drove the woman to a isolated location, choked her until she passed out and then masturbated on top of her. Oh yeah, and here in Alaska this is an important point, the woman was Alaska Native. According to the plea deal, he got no jail time because he got credit for a year of house arrest which he spent living in Continue reading →


Prepare for the revolution

Not since the 60s, the heyday of my youth and the Vietnam War, have I been so ready to participate in open revolution in the streets. We have a POS in the White House who mocks women who have been sexually assaulted, as well as war heroes, handicapped reporters, and a family who lost a son to the never ending wars of the Middle East (that we will only be allowed to pull totally out of once the munition makers have ALL the money in the world). If fundamental Christians are looking for signs of the Apocalypse, look no further, Continue reading →


The only anniversary I celebrate

Sonya Hadzima Rogers – best friend who kept me going that first winter in Utqiagvik.

Don’t remember my wedding date. Don’t remember the day I graduated from college. Don’t remember my nursing school graduation. Do remember two things very clearly – the day I lost my virginity and the day I first set foot in Barrow (now Utqiagvik).

It was 46 years ago today. It was cold and snowing there. I was greeted by Dr. Matsutani, the lab tech Grace and a nurse named Sonya. I thought it was so wonderful to have such a welcoming committee until I realized Continue reading →