We won’t stand for it

So the current governor of Alaska wants to cut benefits to the elderly. Hmmm. This wouldn’t be so bad were it not for the fact that here in Alaska, edible pot products can only contain 5 mg. of THC per piece. In California, each piece can contain 10 mg.

This is important because it means that 1. the government here in Alaska thinks our old hippies can’t handle pot as well as California’s old hippies and 2. cutting benefits while maintaining the high price of pot is something members of the Flower Generation will not stand for – mainly because Continue reading →


If you have not yet seen…

If you have not yet seen the video of Sen. Diane Feinstein debating school kids over climate change, it’s a must. It’s a must especially if you wonder why these children will be totally turned off by government and ready for a revolution in the very near future – assuming they have a future when we finish messing around with this earth.

In the video, she makes it clear to these kids that she’s the adult and she knows best. Given her age, you’d wish this were true but it’s not. Because what she failed to grasp is that the Continue reading →


It’s just hard

As time goes on and the POS currently sullying the White House continues on his path of racism, hate and billions for billionaires, it gets harder and harder to keep writing about him without just repeating myself. He is a disgrace to this nation. He is probably a Russian agent on some level. He’s a racist. He’s a homophobe. He’s whatever he thinks his base wants him to be at that moment. He’s destroying the checks and balances so carefully written into our Constitution. He’s already destroyed America’s reputation in Europe. After the name he called African countries, I’m guessing Continue reading →


Mean person = mean leader

Pick Trump or Dunleavy. Either one has shown what a mean-spirited weasel they are by their actions. POS declares a national emergency that he admits isn’t really a national emergency and then goes golfing. The man who claims to be Alaska’s governor – but represents absolutely no one I know – had some outsider submit a budget proposal that would destroy Alaska for years to come in order to avoid taxing Alaskans.

What assholes.

Dunleavy caters to the meanest of impulses in all of us. Give us something for free and we don’t care how much it hurts anyone else. Continue reading →


I do love fashion

I know that headline will come as a complete shock to anyone who has ever seen how I dress. So let me repeat what I’ve said so often: I love looking at fashion and seeing pretty people in fabulous clothes. I just don’t have any desire at all to either own or wear anything that isn’t a sweatshirt requiring no bra and pants with an elastic waist. It is not mutually exclusive to like those two things simultaneously.

So there I was scrolling through the latest looks from New York fashion week when I realized that I tend to have Continue reading →


So typical

Got home and Snowy was so glad to see me that he snuggled really close the first two nights. Then, like any typical male, he was done with cuddling and gone back to his side of the bed. Sigh… got to get me another female dog! Continue reading →

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Notes from Las Vegas

So it’s been awhile but I’m back, my face is healed and, as usual, I lost my shirt at the penny slots in Vegas. Here’s some highlights.

These are my heroes

So there we were… three little old ladies unable to open their package of pot gummy bears. Ok, they were my gummy bears but I figured I’d get more sympathy if I told these nice young men that all of us just wanted to get stoned and play the penny slots but couldn’t get the package open. And that was all I needed to say. One of them took Continue reading →