Michael Cohen

So I listened to his testimony last week and tried to decide if he was telling the truth or not. On the one hand, he probably wanted this chance to clean up his reputation at least a little for posterity. On the other hand, he gains not much more than the possibility of that if he lies in front of Congress while meanwhile ensuring that he earns the enmity of that swath of the American public that views Trump as their god.

So why testify?

Well, part of it had to be to get a few digs in at a man that Cohen clearly believes ruined his life. Cohen would probably like to forget that his own greed and desire to be close to power led him to ignore the things he saw along the way. So he really can’t blame Trump completely but I’m betting he can blame him enough to want some level of revenge.

Yet now that it is over and just another page in the horror novel that is the Orange Turd’s administration, my only real thought is just how unreal what I’d just watched was. The US House of Representatives was listening to a convicted felon explain how the current occupant of the White House is a sleazy, cheating liar and sexual predator and no one really blinked an eye.

The Republicans, of course, can’t afford to blink an eye or everyone might see how they have willingly been led down the yellow brick road by a pathological liar who promised them complete power if they would just close their eyes to his horrendous moral, ethical and legal failings. This was clearly evident in their lack of defense of him. They slammed Cohen every chance they got but not one of the tried to actually defend Trump.

The Democrats expressed their dismay but yet acted as though this was just another hearing in most respects – lots of white men sitting behind another white man talking into a mic and swearing that what he says is true.

This should not be normal. We should not be accepting this as normal. We should not let that Orange Turd move the bar so far down that a hearing in which the president is basically called a third rate thief and con man is accepted as just the way it is. We should have much higher expectations of our elected officials and especially of our president.

So I don’t know if Michael Cohen was telling the whole truth at his hearing. I tend to believe a lot of what he says since it seems to be corroborated by what so many others have said about the POS currently sullying the White House. But it doesn’t matter as much as the very sight of him giving this testimony at a congressional hearing is horrifying.

Is this the new normal? Our president is a lying sleazeball and our response is a hearing that leads to a lot of wringing of hands and shaking of heads but not much else. The masses who have been brainwashed into believing him and the racists and haters who are only too happy to have one of their own leading them scare me a whole lot more than the idea that Trump grabs pussy, cheats on his wives and loves any dictator he can find. Because they are the ones who will destroy America by making testimony like Michael Cohen’s be just another day in Congress. No big deal.