There is hope for the no-butts

There is a joke in our family about the fact that Sereni’s have no butts. None. Nada. Zilch. The only time one of us ever could lay claim to anything resembling a butt is when my sister was thrown from a horse and her left butt cheek was so swollen it looked like she had at least half of one.

But lo and behold, there is no reason for despair. She butt dialed me last night. So despite the lack of protuberance, even those of us who are butt-less can still make a butt dialed call. Learning this has made Continue reading →

Columns 2016

Mainstreaming children

My heart broke a little with every word I read about the recent move by the school district to mainstream children with significant behavioral problems into regular classrooms. My heart broke for the parents who wanted to protect their children from a disruptive school atmosphere and those parents who wanted their child to get a chance at making it in a regular setting.

There are no winners or losers in this scenario. Parents on both side of the issue have valid points to make and valid concerns to express. I have worked with children who end up in special classes Continue reading →


This and that

Don’t miss my column in the paper today or on this site tomorrow. It’s about the controversy associated with trying to mainstream special needs children into regular classrooms here in Anchorage.

Also forgot to announce when I moved to this new site that I am now able to take comments from readers. Couldn’t do it before because I had no way of controlling the spam. And really, how many viagra ads does one blog need? But now I can go in and dump the spam and just allow real comments to appear. So yea for progress. Let me know what Continue reading →


My nonno and his brothers

The three Sereni brothers. Until this past week, I only knew of two of them. My nonno, Primo Sereni is on the right. His brother Adelmo is in the middle. His other brother Silvio is on the left. I never knew about him. Weird the things we continue to find out about ourselves and our ancestors. And yes, this is as close as I get to a Happy Holidays post. Continue reading →



Got my morning coffee and walked back to my bedroom to finish my morning ablutions. I found Snowy sitting in front of my clothes closet. The door was open but it was dark inside. He sat there for at least five minutes without moving, simply staring into the darkness as though he was seeing something the rest of us couldn’t see.

I went into the closet and look for any signs of invasive activity. None to be found. Didn’t faze him at all. He continued to sit staring into the darkness. Maybe he’s decided to start each day with five Continue reading →

Columns 2016

Christmas memories

On snowy gray days, reminiscing becomes a way to warm you inside and out. Right now, my dogs are sleeping around me. My birds are chirping to the classical music playing for them… ok, maybe parrots don’t exactly chirp but they do their best. And I find myself remembering so many Christmases of the past.

As usual, we will have a white Christmas here. We rarely had them in Atlantic City. If we did have snow, mom just got mad because then the drive to Philly to be with family for Christmas dinner would become scary.

Not that it bothered Continue reading →


Please tell me this is a sign of good luck in the coming year

A crow crapped on my head yesterday while I was at Bird TLC. I don’t want to say he did it deliberately, but I do think it was suspicious that he took a dump just as I ducked under him to retrieve a meal worm he’d dropped.

As I washed poop out of my hair, I just kept hoping that this was a sign of good luck for the future. Because seriously, if it has no positive meaning, then I’m just some luckless schmuck with crow poop dripping down my back. Continue reading →


I’d like to start a party

I’d like to start a new political party. It would have mostly platforms lifted from the Democratic Party but would actually have a backbone. Seriously, why are the Dems just rolling over and playing dead in the face of all that Orangeman is doing.

For instance, if Barack Obama refused security briefings after being elected, the Republicans would have screamed bloody murder that he was risking America’s security because he was a secret Muslim and wanted to leave America vulnerable. But Orangeman does it and what is the Dems response? Zero. Nada. Nothing.

Yep, I’d like to see a party Continue reading →