Et tu, Public Broadcasting?

My radio dial is never turned to anything except Alaska Public Media and KLEF, our local classical music channel. I avoid Christmas music like the plague, not only because Christmas is not, to put it mildly, my holiday but also because once those songs get into your head, it’s like a thousand earwigs playing at once and you can’t stop them.

So imagine my horror today when Marketplace was followed by a program of Christmas music. Is there no safe place left for those of us who choose not to be Santa’s elves? Has even public radio put on a Continue reading →

Columns 2016

So many lives lost

Alaska has lost a whole lot in the past couple of weeks. We lost four lives in a plane crash. We lost one life to unspeakable cruelty. And we will probably lose four more lives to prison. Not exactly the run up to Christmas that we were all hoping for

Those who died in the plane crash are mourned for all the potential that has been lost through something that Alaskans do everyday – getting on a small plane to get from here to there. In the back of our heads, we know that these accidents happen. Every time we Continue reading →


My escape

Sitcoms… where politics never enter the door and everyone is always laughing. Gets me through the evening. Keeps me from accidentally turning on the news and seeing Orangeman explaining how Putin isn’t his new BFF for throwing the election his way. Continue reading →


Whatever happened to Benghazi?

Remember how before the election all you heard about was Benghazi and how the House was going to “get” Hillary Clinton for it? Notice how that whole issue disappeared after the election? Just another smear campaign against a woman who never did anything in her life except for trying to serve the American people. Way to go, Republicans. You truly are assholes. Continue reading →


Happy Birthday, Grace

Today my friend Grace becomes officially very old. I, of course, am younger than her by almost a full two months so I’m not officially very old yet. Grace and I have been friends since we were 3 years old growing up next door to each other. Which makes it even funnier when we get into conversations now and instead of talking boys or kids, we talk about our latest doctor visits and which parts of our bodies are, or are not, falling apart.

Grace now has a wandering toe issue. I have a wandering endocrine system. We all have Continue reading →

Columns 2016

A holiday message

Black Friday is over and we are now fully engaged in the orgy of shopping that has become our holiday season. When we emerge from our shopping stupor around January 2 and see the credit card bills, we might not think those gifts were as much fun as they were when we were buying them. But if you take just a moment to actually honor the spirit of the season, you might find a way to make at least some of those gifts as palatable after the holidays as before.

Yes, this is my annual pitch for everyone to try Continue reading →