Why, Lord, oh why?

It’s official. In order to eat my favorite Korean foods I need at least one Zantac before the meal and four Tums after it. Oh for the days when I could eat spicy food without a full night of regret. Getting old takes more courage than being young ever did. Continue reading →


Oh sweet Jesus!

Take that asshole’s phone away from him or kill his twitter account. Because no one wants to wake up in the morning to find that the CPPP (current person pretending to be president) is focused on a reality tv show’s ratings as opposed the the multiple and complex issues facing us every day.

We aren’t going to survive this idiot. He’s going to get pissed at some TV personality he thinks is getting better ratings than he is and hit the nuke button before anyone else is even up in the morning.

Bend over and kiss your butt goodbye, America. Continue reading →


When a kid misbehaves, just take his damn phone away

This works in a family situation. So why shouldn’t it work in a presidential situation. Maybe the CPPP (current person pretending to be president)’s handlers could wait until he falls asleep and then slip his phone from his tiny hands and hide it until after he’s had his morning coffee and breakfast. Maybe he just needs some food and drink in him in the morning before he can function normally…

Oh hell, who are we kidding? This asshole couldn’t act normally if his life depended on it. Sadly, our country depends on it. Which means we should all just bend Continue reading →


Help me with this

Isn’t lying under oath a crime? So how does Sessions get to continue on as the Attorney General? If that was you or me, guess how quickly the police would be at our door advising us of our rights. Yep, the rules are different for the rich and powerful. Lying to Congress? No problem… as long as you have friends in the right places.

American justice is no longer blind because it is an equal opportunity justice for all. It’s blind because it’s not allowed to see what the people at the top are doing. Continue reading →

Columns 2017

Where did all those patriots go?

Let’s take a stroll through nostalgia lane, back to the time when you had to wear an American flag lapel pin to be considered patriotic. God help the politicians who forgot to put one on because then they were accused of being Kenyan born Muslims who hated America. And if you refused to stand for the national anthem… well, you were just about as close to an ungrateful traitor as you could get without actually being one.

You remember those days, right? It was back when right wing conservatives screamed and tore their hair out if someone didn’t put their Continue reading →


Tomorrow’s blog

Don’t miss tomorrow’s blog where I ask that all important question… where did all those damn patriots go who condemned politicians who didn’t wear flag lapel pins as unAmerican but have no problem with Orangeman saying that America is as bad as Russia when it comes to murdering political opponents. Seriously, why have they not demanded his impeachment? Continue reading →


It’s my bed, damn it!

I get out of bed to pee and by the time I get back in… all of thirty seconds later… all three dogs have shifted on the bed so it is damn near impossible for me to get in under the covers and find room for my feet. And they seem to gain about 100 lbs. when doing this because the strength needed to toss them off my spot at 3 AM is more than I can muster. So I just wiggle around them and sleep sideways on the bed with half my body covered by the blanket and the Continue reading →