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There is always the Fair

joesnake gretajoeIn 1992, Queen Elizabeth II gave a speech in which she referred to the previous year as her “Annus Horribillis”, her horrible year. As Halloween decorations take over store displays that had once promoted grills, and yellow leaves cover our carefully tended green lawns, Americans have a right to look back on this past summer and think of it as our very own “atrox aestas”, horrible summer.

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As if his own insanity weren’t enough

Donald Trump now has Sarah Palin threatening Paul Ryan over his non-support of Trump. The crazy has the crazier making totally insane comments. Yep, we’ve been swallowed up by a black hole of ignorance and insanity. And I say that with all due respect to those people with mental illnesses, most of whom are more capable than either Donald or Sarah to run this country.

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My Captain


Here’s my Captain doing what he loved to do best… eat. Is it any wonder that we spent 38 wonderful years together. He may have been hell on wheels, but he was my hell on wheels and I still feel as though my heart is broken and will never be whole again.

Fly free over that Rainbow Bridge. And may you have all the walnuts you ever wanted for as long as you want them. No one left to say you’re getting overweight. It’s a dream we both shared.

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Butt warmer


Snowy jumps up on the bed every night as I’m in the bathroom preparing for bed. By the time I get to “my spot” on the bed, his butt has warmed it up. It’s zero out but I get to curl into a pre-warmed butt spot and feel all cozy right away. It’s just one of the reasons to always have a dog with a butt bigger than yours.

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