They all share the shame

Every politician, no matter their party affiliation, who is not openly, loudly and swiftly condemning that pile of melted orange creamcicle goo currently sullying the White House as he continues to claim for himself the powers of a tyrant and dictator, is complicit in the downfall of this once great country.

While the Dems are doing their normal level of grumbling and bitching, the Rs seem content to sit quietly and pretend they don’t know POS or what he’s doing. Let me give you a hint… he’s destroying the American dream for immigrants, legal or otherwise. He’s making a mockery Continue reading →


We have reached full tyranny

In case you thought you stilled lived in a democracy where you voted for your leaders, there was no royal privilege attached to them and they voluntarily stepped down when defeated, you are wrong. We are now living in a world ruled by tyranny in which a supposedly democratic leader has announced that he can pardon himself of any crime he commits.

So to follow through logically on that… he kills a man while walking down a street in Manhattan. Unless fed up New Yorkers take him down, he is untouchable. Find him guilty of a crime and he’ll just Continue reading →



My feelings about Melania are, to put it mildly, mixed. On the one hand, she married that POS currently sullying the White House voluntarily. Right there we have to question her sanity or morals or values or something. Something definitely wasn’t working when she made that decision.

Then, she clearly slept with him or Baron wouldn’t exist. So for reasons unknown to god or man, she let that melted creamsicle crawl on top of and into her. Just writing that makes me want to barf.

And I’m guessing there are few beyond POS’ insane worshipers who don’t believe that marriage Continue reading →


It’s been quiet here

It’s been so quiet in the house. Both Snowy and Nayla seem very down. They aren’t running around like they usually do. They aren’t playing together. And they aren’t letting me out of their sight. I can’t turn around without tripping over Nayla. They definitely are affected by Carm’s absence. So they are both getting lots of extra hugs and love to help them feel better. Nayla has real separation issues and needs a lot of reassurance that she won’t one day disappear like Carm did. If only I could explain to them what happened.

But I can’t. No more Continue reading →


We’re giving the world whiplash

First we’re having a summit with North Korea, then we’re not, now we are again. First we’re imposing tariffs on everyone, then we’re exempting our allies, then we’re not. First we’re building a wall that Mexico will pay for, then we’re paying for it, now they aren’t while we’re insisting they are.

We are frigging giving the world whiplash with what is happening at the uppermost echelons of our government. And whiplash is not the recommended governing style for a world with nuclear weapons. It makes everyone very nervous.

Carrying out international diplomacy by Twitter has left America in the Continue reading →


Old age… but only because the alternative sucks

My right shoulder needs cortisone shots to not cause constant pain. The insertion point of some muscle on my right arm hurts if I try to pick up something heavier than a dime. My left shoulder is rapidly following my right shoulder to the shot department. My butt has an inflamed bursa… whatever the hell that is. I don’t even want to look it up. I don’t care what it is. I just want it to stop hurting.

When I first moved to Anchorage and got hanging plants for my porch, I could water those plants by lifting the watering Continue reading →


ABC deserves no praise… they knew what they were buying

As that old saying goes, caveat emptor. And that’s why I don’t feel ABC or its executives deserve any praise for the actions they’ve taken in cancelling the Roseanne Show after its main actor tweeted racist and ignorant tweets over the weekend. At one point, she accuses George Soros of complicity with the Nazis in WW II, stealing Jewish wealth and turning Jews in to the Nazis. Soros was 14 WHEN THE WAR ENDED. If he did any of those things she accused him of, he would have to have been the most inspired pre-teen in history given that the Continue reading →


In America, he wouldn’t even get a call of thanks

If that man in Paris had scaled Trump Tower instead to rescue an infant, my bet is that the POS currently sullying the White House would not make time to even call him to thank him. Why? Well, just look at the guy. He’s an immigrant. He’s black. He isn’t rich. He isn’t one of about three actors that support POS. He’s not a lobbyist. And, finally, he can’t offer POS financial improvement for the Trump family because he has no connections.

So you can see where this guy would get no respect from POS at all. On the other Continue reading →


Some simple but good advice

I routinely see articles about the POS currently sullying the White House questioning whether or not he might be lying about something. So let me help you with that question. Is his mouth open? Then he’s lying.

See how simple that was. Eliminates the need to do any research on whatever issue he’s lying about. Because you already know the answer. He lies to his wives. He lies to his mistresses. He lies to his lawyers. He lies to his chief of staff. Why would anyone be surprised that he also lies to the American people?

Honestly, if he told Continue reading →


Another dog tale

While panicking over the poop coming… or not coming… out of my cockatoo’s butt, I noticed a background sound of Nayla coughing. She sounded like a kid with whooping cough. Except it never bothered her respiration and never seemed to interfere with her food intake (not unusual in this house – your death has to be pretty imminent before the appetite goes). I let it go a day or two and then felt the onset of mother guilt. Since CB’s butt was now considered clear and healed, I felt bad that I hadn’t paid more attention to the three day Continue reading →