Tell us, Lisa. How will you vote?

You have before you a man accused of attempted rape who has lied under oath and threatened the rights of Alaska Native people. So will you vote for your constituents’ best interest – the women and Alaska Natives you purport to represent – or will you vote for someone afraid to even allow the FBI to investigate the allegation? What is it, Lisa? Are you just another old white man in the Senate who happens to have breasts or are you truly in any way an independent senator who will vote her conscience?

I wish I could believe the latter Continue reading →


Here is the real question

How bad does the attempted rape have to be for you to feel that testifying about it in front of the US Senate suddenly makes it look not so bad? Christine Blasey Ford has not yet responded to requests to appear before the Senate and, seriously, who can blame her? A group of old white men who think their power allows them to pinch and grope at will are going to attack her like she’s never been attacked before. They will make her appear as a sleazy liar and whore. They will do all they can to destroy her so Continue reading →


And the race for worse human of the day comes down to…

I know. It wasn’t hard to guess who the two contenders are – Donald Trump Jr. (the turd that fell from daddy’s butt) or Ted Cruz (who looks and acts like a turd from someone’s butt). Here’s today’s entries in their competition to be two of the worse people on earth who aren’t big pharma executives.

First, Turd Jr. He is publicly mocking a woman who has disclosed allegations of sexual assault by Kavanaugh by posting a made up letter online and calling her a liar. The fact that she took a lie detector test and passed doesn’t factor into Continue reading →


A simple solution

So the screams and cries and angst over the nomination of Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court reaches yet another level of anxiety and concern. Did he or didn’t he try to rape a girl in high school.

For those of you who think that this should not be an issue because it happened so long ago, do you really want your argument to be aligned with that of the Catholic Church over its sex abuse scandals?

OK, here’s the thing. This appointment is for life. So doesn’t it make sense to hold off on any vote until we are absolutely Continue reading →


Alaska’s “no balls” delegation

Despite the fact that only one of our esteemed congressional delegation has the right to claim no balls by birth, none of them seems to have any at all – even those who should have them no matter how low they now hang.

Over the course of the past year, the POS currently sullying the White House has said and done things that have violated the ethics and morals of any good and decent person. The tweet about the deaths in Puerto Rico alone should have been met with swift and loud condemnation by anyone with even an ounce of Continue reading →


It’s the economy, stupid.

That’s the line from Bill Clinton’s campaign that has become immortalized in political circles for being the most succinct statement of what is needed to win ever made. Here’s my problem with it today.

Every supporter of the POS currently sullying the White House points to a healthy economy and low unemployment as reasons why he is actually a success and we should leave him alone. First, he is not solely responsible for the healthy economy or low unemployment but, as we all know, his ego will not let him admit that.

But secondly, and most importantly, for all you Continue reading →


Bird TLC Fundraiser with great food

The lovely folks at Doriola’s Restaurant are hosting a fundraiser dinner for us

On Friday, 21st September 2018 from 5-7:30 pm.

A portion of the sales will be donated to Bird TLC.

John and Flame will be welcoming guests at 5pm in front of the restaurant!

Please join us for a delicious BBQ and bring your friends and families!

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So now what, Lisa?

AFN has come out in opposition to Kavanaugh. AFN.  You remember them, right? When you needed them, they were there for you. They put you over the top in your write in campaign. They have remained some of your most faithful voters.

So what are you going to do now, Lisa, now that they oppose this joke that is looking to get a job that will affect Native American and Alaska Native rights for possibly decades to come? Forget about women’s rights. I’m guessing as the mother of only boys this is not as important to you. You are past Continue reading →


One of THOSE days

Started out going to a place at 4111 Minnesota Blvd. to get the color for the crown on my tooth done correctly. Got there to find out that here in Alaska, we apparently don’t give a crap about providing access to everyone. The business was on the second floor and there was no handicap access. They had handicap parking spaces but those were just to lull you into a false sense of security because, once you so conveniently parked, there was no way to get to where you needed to go. So I guess if you want the service, you Continue reading →


Lisa clearly and blatantly lied to Alaskans

She told us she would represent us independent of party politics. That’s why her write in campaign was so successful. We believed her because we were desperate to believe that there were honorable people in politics. Alaska Natives, in particular, turned out in droves to push her to the top in her contested election. They thought she stood with them.

But we can now see that she didn’t. It was just another move of political convenience from another run of the mill politician. Because if she meant what she said, she would not vote Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court based Continue reading →