Anchorage Earthquake update

OK, for starts, my blood pressure is back below 200 and my pulse is now under 300. So I’m recuperating from the quake. Was sleeping when it hit. Thought I was having a dream. Wish now that it was. But it wasn’t.

Nayla will still not move an inch from my side. I may have survived the earthquake but I’ll die tripping over her.

Everything in every drawer and cabinet and on every wall was on the floor after the quake – some of it broken, some of it floating in the toilet, and a huge wad of bird poop Continue reading →


His gut is certainly big enough

So POS thinks his gut has more intelligence than the scientists who study climate change. In fact, he apparently believes his gut is better than most people’s brains because that’s where he has located his intelligence cells.

His intelligence cells being directly attached to his intestines seems about right. And what comes out of the other end of those intestines when all those brain cells have been digested is even more appropriate. Because – and let’s be hones here – what comes out of his mouth sounds just like what comes out of his ass on most days.

If, in Continue reading →


If he had Pinocchio’s nose

If the POS currently sullying the White House had Pinocchio’s nose, he could singlehandedly reforest the world. I haven’t seen that much wood coming out of someone’s face since Bill Clinton claimed he never had sex with that lady. It’s pretty disgusting.

I think CNN did exactly the right thing in putting up a split screen while Sarah Fuckabee Sanders was giving her daily spew of propaganda. They used the split screen to point out every lie she told by posting the truth next to it. I think they should do that with POS. In fact, I think the media Continue reading →


Sarah Fuckabee Sanders

I thought the CheetoMan’s voice was the worse voice ever, the one that causes me to turn off the radio, tv or whatever else is broadcasting that sound, the voice that makes me cover my ears and run out of the room begging god to make it stop. But it turns out, that POS’ voice actually comes in second to the whining drone that is the obnoxious sound coming out of Sarah Fuckabee Sanders’ mouth.

Can you imagine being that woman’s child? Hearing that voice in the womb? Listening to it everyday as it tells you what to do and Continue reading →


It is no longer titillating

I don’t know about you, but I am done with all the female personalities who think they can grab a transient headline by wearing the least amount of clothes possible while calling what they have on an ensemble. I am tired of exposed breasts and asses. I don’t need to see the thong string riding up your ass crack. I don’t need to see your nipples pushing through the gauze you call a shirt. I don’t need slits cut so high that you need to put jewels in your vagina to keep it matching the rest of the outfit.

I Continue reading →


Happy snow storms, lower 48!

The snow that we here in Anchorage would kill to have has moved to the lower 48. We get a rainy, icy winter and they get all the snow.

People outside of Alaska might not understand this but a lot of people actually live here because they like winter and winter sports. They like all kinds of skiing and skidooing and ice skating. They like walking in the woods when the bears are asleep. They love the whiteness of winter when it first covers our trees and roads.

But this year, god has given all that beauty to the lower Continue reading →


What I’m thankful for

This year, I am thankful for the following:

1. That Supreme Court Justice John Roberts found what must be some of the tiniest balls in modern male history to finally call out Trump over his trashing of the judiciary.

2. That the POS currently sullying the White House has not yet nuked us into total annihilation.

3. That First Lady Melania is still married to that POS so that no other woman has to make the ultimate sacrifice to please our current Sleazeball in Chief.

4. That Americans are finally seeing through the hideous misogyny and repulsive racism that is Continue reading →


Grey days

Anchorage is having one butt ugly fall/winter. Snow. Rain. Mud. Ice.  Nothing at all attractive about it. We should be looking out our windows and seeing snow frozen solid to the ground. No ice. Certainly no rain or mud. That’s for breakup. Just beautiful white snow heralding the start of the holidays. As Alaskans, we don’t officially get tired of snow until sometime in February.

But this year we have no chance to get tired of the snow based on the few pathetic patches left on my lawn. I get up in the morning and look out on a day Continue reading →


Why didn’t we think of this?

OK, Alaskans. You heard it from the mouth of the head of the party you support. The way to prevent forest fires is to clean the forest and rake those leaves. So everyone grab a rake and head to the Tongass. Is that too much forest for you? How about Chugach State Park? No? Denali?

C’mon, Alaskans. It’s like you don’t even want to prevent forest fires… Continue reading →