Just remembering a day

It’s cold out. My chores are almost all done. I’m taking a break for the pause that refreshes. And my mind, for reasons totally unknown to me, travels back to that day on the Steel Pier…

Her name at the time was Grace Letizia. Her current name will remain anonymous in case she thinks we don’t escape this tale without looking like two of the biggest nerds the goddess ever created. The place was the Steel Pier on the Atlantic City boardwalk. The year is a bit vague but probably right around 1960 or so. (This is one of those Continue reading →


I can’t do it. I tried.

I have heard all the pious commentary about how America has to unite from the divisions we are currently feeling and come together to heal our country. Good luck with that.

I think this is something I will happily pass down to the next generation. Or maybe the generation after that. Because, quite honestly, I can’t do it. I don’t want to do it. I won’t do it.

Why? Because I have taken a look at the faces of Orange Peel’s supporters and they horrify. They are so filled with hate and rage at those less fortunate; they laugh at Continue reading →


A sad farewell

I know I shouldn’t but I wanted a treat. I bought these two piece per packet fairly well respected frozen food company treats, brought them home, allowed one to thaw while I drooled, figured how much extra insulin I needed to cover it and finally bit down on it and thought, “Wait, was it always this sweet?” And by that I mean did each bite cause me to slow down and gag in the past? By the third bite, all hope was lost. The indigestion had already started. The burning spread northward like a southerner’s dream of winning the Civil Continue reading →


It’s hard

It’s hard in the world of Orange Peel to want to write on a daily basis about what’s going on in our country. It’s so sad and discouraging to see America with a president who doesn’t represent anything but the worst in us. This is a president who bombs someone in a country that isn’t ours or the country of the person being bombed but in a third country and enjoys the hysteria it causes.

Imagine someone doing that in America – sending a drone in to kill someone without our government’s knowledge or approval. Orange Peel would be on Continue reading →


And so the world descends into madness

Orange Peel has finally done it. It was bad enough we’ve been at war in the middle-East for almost twenty years. Now he has guaranteed we will be there for many years more. He wants a war. He wants to pretend he is some grand military leader with bone spurs. He wants to distract us from his impeachment and in doing so has made this world an extremely more dangerous place.

I look back at the past couple of years and can’t help but notice that the vast majority of mass terrorist attacks have been committed by homegrown terrorists who Continue reading →


Ah, Anchorage in the winter

So we had snow, then we had rain, now we have snow again. In a week, our temps have gone from below zero to almost 50 degrees and now back to the teens and single digits.

But not to worry. Climate change is but a myth perpetrated by every credible scientist in the world to just screw with you and Orange Peel.

Have a happy new year… and pray that we only wipe out a few thousand species this year so we leave at least a few for the kids to destroy. Continue reading →