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It was a strange week indeed

Last week was definitely a strange week. And it had absolutely nothing to do with anything happening in any recently drained and/or refilled swamp.

For starts, the state’s Chamber of Commerce head Curtis Thayer was quoted in a March 28, 2017 ADN article as follows, “’We want to see budget cuts’ said Curtis Thayer, the head of the chamber. If the price of oil rises enough, he added: ‘We’re out of a problem.’”

Are you kidding me? The head of the biggest business group in the state would like us to put our hands together and clap as hard as Continue reading →


What life is really all about

I leave for San Diego on Friday to spend five days playing with my fairy godchild (I’m her fairy godmother)  and her boys, to pal around with one of my best friends in the whole world, to meet up with my sister and her buddy since kindergarten and spin out memories of being young… it’s really all that’s needed to make life good and full.

And, of course, I’m bringing the boys candy for Easter to cement my place in their hearts as the best weird old lady they will ever know. Continue reading →


This growing old gets old quickly

I know the alternative to old age is death but really… after yesterday’s episode of back pain so severe I couldn’t stay in one position for more than a few moments at a time, I’m starting to wonder about that alternative. Worse of all, I couldn’t keep food down. I’m Italian. We ALWAYS keep food down! If I lose my appetite, I will truly lose my will to live. It’s just in my genes and my heritage. All things can be cured by food. Continue reading →


Still the party of no

So Republican Paul “See my nipples through my pecs” Ryan has no interest in working with Democrats on health care reform.

The Republicans have been the part of no for so long that their lips can no longer form the yes word unless it relates to screwing the old, the young, the poor and immigrants. Now there’s a ruling party with its collective head up its ass. Maybe they should check for polyps while they’re up there. According to their health care proposals, that’s the only way they’ll ever get a colonoscopy. Continue reading →

Columns 2017

Compromise should not be a dirty word

I want to be gleeful over how the current person pretending to be president (CPPP) had his butt handed to him last week courtesy of the Freedom Caucus. But I can’t because ultimately the American people are the losers.

The ACA is a bill that needs tweaking. It’s not perfect. It’s the first step in providing Americans with the guarantee of health care coverage enjoyed by every other first world country on earth, including Mexico. But because the R’s refused to reach across the aisle to work with D’s, they are stuck trying to negotiate with a faction of their Continue reading →


I don’t understand

Why isn’t it a conflict of interest for Orangeman to travel to his hotel every weekend and then charge us to pay for his protection detail that stay at that hotel. If that isn’t a conflict, or at a minimum a questionably immoral thing to… oh wait, now I get why he does it.