Lisa seems confused. Let me help her

This is only for Lisa Murkowski because, quite honestly, Dan Sullivan doesn’t really have any connection to Alaskans and so doesn’t care what we think and Don Young is just… well, he’s Don Young so no learning curve is possible.

Anyhow, Lisa apparently thinks the issue of mass shootings in schools is complicated and needs study. Well guess what. It’s been studied to death. The problem is the NRA just doesn’t like any ideas for stopping the violence that involves sensible gun legislation that is always one of the top recommendations.

So let me break this down for you as Continue reading → “Lisa seems confused. Let me help her”


Just imagine for a moment

Just imagine for a moment that Obama appointed his brother in law to a high position in the White House based on no discernible skills and then put him in charge of reorganizing the government, creating peace in the mid-east and handling all issues of cyber security for the White House. Now imagine a Republican congress finding out that Obama’s brother in law couldn’t get permanent top secret clearance and yet was allowed access to it for over a year. Hear those screams for impeachment?

Amazing, isn’t it, that there are currently no screams coming from this Republican congress. I Continue reading → “Just imagine for a moment”


I’m either really bored or my mother has taken up residency in my head

Today is my Bird TLC day but because I am snowed in and my driveway won’t get plowed until the afternoon, I wasn’t able to go in today. So there I was up, dressed, dogs medicated and dogs and birds fed by 8 with my mornings plans canceled and too much coffee in me to go back to sleep. So what did I do? Well, so far I’ve:

1. Matched my Tupperware with lids and threw out all those lids and containers that had no mates. I matched approximately 12 containers with lids and threw out about 300.

2. Did Continue reading → “I’m either really bored or my mother has taken up residency in my head”



The POS currently sullying the White House would have us believe that if there was a school shooting and he was nearby, he’d run into the building with or without a gun. This from the man who got five deferments from military service because of bone spurs in his heels. Wouldn’t those spurs inhibit his ability to actually run into a building? To say nothing of his great girth which would mean his stomach would arrive minutes before he did.

Honestly, I don’t know what would be worse… hiding from a gunman or hiding from the POS – one would Continue reading → “Seriously?”

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The house that spit up and diarrhea attacked

My it’s been a fun weekend. Carm spits up liquid at least three times every morning if I don’t feed him enough or wait long enough after feeding him to give him his medicine. And Nayla, who has never found anything on the ground that she did not think was worth a try as something to eat, apparently got something down her gullet that messed her up big time. For three days she didn’t eat. She put out farts that emptied the room of not just me but the other dogs too. Then the liquid started out her butt. And Continue reading → “The house that spit up and diarrhea attacked”


Who gives a crap?

So first the Rs release a memo detailing their version of the FBI’s activity relating to the Russian interference in our elections. Then the Ds released their memo on the same subject. And all I can say is, who gives a crap? You’d have to be an idiot to look at these memos as anything other than a political maneuver. Each put out what they want us to believe and shaded the facts to meet their already formulated theory on what happened. And it’s all just political crap that is taking up the time they should be spending on… oh Continue reading → “Who gives a crap?”


I couldn’t get to my camera quickly enough

Heading upstairs last night to go to bed. Dogs following behind and in front of me except for Carm. Figured he was just slower because he’s old and on lots of pain meds and a little senile. But he has not lost that instinct that says, “This is my toy and I will protect it with all 11 pounds of my being.” So he gets to the first step and, because the stuffed animal is bigger than he is, he trips. He drops the Christmas bear. He stares at it for about a minute as though debating in his head Continue reading → “I couldn’t get to my camera quickly enough”


Arming teachers

So let me get this straight. An armed terrorist… usually a mentally ill white male… enters a school with a rifle he’s fixed to shoot about a million rounds a minute. In a classroom is a teacher with a handgun. Somehow, that teacher is supposed to get his or her kids to safety and then start shooting his HAND GUN! against a steady rain of bullets from a jacked up rifle that is spraying bullets in every direction. What could possibly go wrong? Continue reading → “Arming teachers”


Here’s an idea

Given the suggestions from GOPers on how to improve safety at our schools with more armed police, perimeter safety measures and gun toting teachers, I have a better suggestion that achieves the same results. Let’s free every prisoner who is serving time for having or smoking a joint. Then, we take all that extra prison space and make high schools out of it. This way, we already have a safe perimeter and armed guards. I mean, that’s better than asking someone with a mental illness to give up their AK-47, right? Continue reading → “Here’s an idea”


The GOPers just don’t get it, do they?

The GOP is pissing off an entire generation of voters who are sick and tired of being slaughtered in their classrooms. But the GOP is so solidly sold to the NRA that they still have to pretend that unlimited access to weapons of mass destruction are not a problem in America and not the cause of mass shootings. Well, the generation that has seemed to suffer the most from it are sick and tired of the carnage. But still the GOPers trot out their tired old lines. I mean, seriously, does anyone do anything but laugh when they piously intone Continue reading → “The GOPers just don’t get it, do they?”