Sports, exercising and dangers

Football – Traumatic Brain Injury

Soccer – same plus interesting leg bruises

Karate – kick injuries to growing bodies that result in pain and problems by the time they are 20

Basketball – becoming unhealthily obese when career ends because you still eat as much as you used to when playing

Baseball  – hit in head with bat, arm that is permanently injured from throwing, crotch destroyed by low ball

Golf – one hit by a golf ball and it is coma city

Biking – ego injury resulting from anyone seeing you in spandex

Walking/running – pulled hamstring, attacks by Continue reading →


I am so surprised

POS sullying the White House thinks Kavanaugh will make a great Supreme Court justice. Hmmm… this wouldn’t have anything to do with the fact that they are both serial sexual abusers who have gotten away with their actions with no consequences so far, would it?

Meanwhile, it being the weekend, on a lighter note I want to clarify some things about my home and what is and isn’t allowed in it.

For starts, if you are not dishwasher safe, you are not welcome in my cupboards. I have cake plates from my mother’s house with gold rim that aren’t dishwasher Continue reading →


Are you kidding me?

If a woman had acted as hysterically as Brett Kavanaugh did during yesterday’s hearing, she would have been declared incompetent to sit on any court, let alone the Supreme Court. Every man in that hearing would have pointed out that she was clearly emotionally unstable and unable to maintain a detached judicial viewpoint when deciding cases.

But it was a man who was hysterical. And so that’s ok.

What the fuck! Continue reading →


I’m so tired of the circus

I am so tired of the circus that has become our Congress and presidency… sorry, I tried to capitalize the word presidency but given the asshole in office right now, I simply couldn’t. He doesn’t deserve it and the clowns serving him just make the circus more circus-like. And all I want to scream at this point is will someone please do the merciful thing and shoot Don Jr’s cell phone so he can’t tweet anymore? Because, quite frankly, just when you thought his father’s tweets were the most horrible, insulting and fictional pieces of writing in the history of Continue reading →


I’m trying not to smile but…

I’m trying not to smile at another person’s tragedy but… well, I am. I am grinning from ear to ear. If my ears weren’t there, the grin would literally split my face. Bill Cosby in handcuffs going to prison – is there a prettier sight today?

OK, well, yes there is. It’s the sight of that POS currently sullying the White House getting audible laughs when he proclaimed that his administration had done more in two years than any administration had done that came before while speaking at the UN. God bless those delegates. Even they couldn’t hold it in Continue reading →


Interesting day

Bill Cosby is being sentenced as a sex offender and women are coming out from all sides of the spectrum to share their very own Kavanaugh stories – stories that usually involve him being drunk at a party and his penis being shown to any and all at that party. What a wonderful day for men.

As far as Cosby is concerned, he deserves whatever he gets given how he used his fame and power to rape women after drugging them. You don’t report the most powerful man in your field if you ever want to work in that field Continue reading →


Sunday is a good day to discuss the Catholic Church

I grew up in the Catholic Church and my memories of those days are some of the happiest of my life. This may be why I am so angry now at what I find out the church really is – a cabal of old men determined at all costs to protect the turf they rule as despots.

To be honest, by the time I was in high school I was already questioning a lot of things I’d been taught as Catholic orthodoxy. Do you know what kind of knots you have to tie yourself into in order to justify the Continue reading →


In case there is any doubt

In case there is any doubt in your mind that Republicans plan to confirm Kavanaugh no matter what they find out about his assault on Dr. Ford, let me share with you what Mitch McConnell said yesterday:

“Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, R-Ky., said at the Values Voter Summit in Washington, D.C. Friday morning that he believes the Senate will wind up confirming Kavanaugh.”

So Dr. Ford will go in front of a group of hostile old white men who will try to smear her in every way possible while planning to vote for this questionable (at best) nominee for Continue reading →


When I was in high school

When I was in high school, if a girl got pregnant it was automatically assumed she was to blame because, you know, guys will be guys. It amazes me that over fifty years later, this is the same sentiment being expressed by the old white men who run the Senate. Well, it doesn’t actually amaze me since it fits their picture of how the world should be.

If a boy had tried to rape me or feel me up or in any way approach me sexually, I would have considered it my fault for tempting them beyond their ability to Continue reading →


Tell us, Lisa. How will you vote?

You have before you a man accused of attempted rape who has lied under oath and threatened the rights of Alaska Native people. So will you vote for your constituents’ best interest – the women and Alaska Natives you purport to represent – or will you vote for someone afraid to even allow the FBI to investigate the allegation? What is it, Lisa? Are you just another old white man in the Senate who happens to have breasts or are you truly in any way an independent senator who will vote her conscience?

I wish I could believe the latter Continue reading →