Why isn’t he being impeached?

Yesterday, Donald Trump defended Putin’s ordered hits to kill people who opposed him to “mistakes” America has made. Oh sweet Jesus! If Obama had said that, the Republicans would have already had him impeached. But what are the Dems doing? I don’t know. It’s hard to say because you can’t understand their statements so long as they remain curled up in a fetal position whimpering. Continue reading →


Taking off my bathrobe

So it’s about 1 AM and I’ve let the dogs out for the last time. I go upstairs and unzip my bathrobe preparatory to getting into bed. Only the zipper does that stupid thing where it starts coming apart at the bottom and you can’t pull the zipper all the way down. And the harder I tried, the more the bottom part came apart. I was now stuck in a bathrobe with a zipper stuck right around chest high. I couldn’t get my arms out to either pull it over my head or pull it down to get out of Continue reading →


And so I limp, crawl and whine my way into another decade

I thought sixty was bad. But turning seventy really, really sucks. I don’t know why. But somehow seventy just seems old while in the sixties I could still pretend to some level of youth. And honestly, how the hell did I survive this long given the lack of respect I’ve shown my body over the years. I guess I’m not done rescuing animals yet so it’s just not my time. Besides, I still have one more tattoo to get. Continue reading →


Dr. James Scott – Flying to heaven on eagles’ wings

It’s a sad day for our community when it loses a good man. This seems especially true at this dark moment of the American soul. As hate, racism and kitty snatching become the touchstones of our country today, losing a man who lived with dignity, compassion and love for all his fellow creatures is even more distressing. It sometimes seems as though good men are in very short supply right now.

So the news that last week we lost Dr. James Scott, founder and heart and soul of Bird TLC, is sad on many, many levels.

For those of you Continue reading →


Oh dear lord

Even Dick Cheney thinks Orangeman’s ban on refugees is unAmerican. This from a man who supported torture and starting wars that benefited his company at the expense of the lives and limbs of some of our best and brightest. If this is not a sign of the apocalypse, I don’t know what is. Continue reading →


The women’s march

They marched in minus 38 degrees in Utqiagvik. They marched in a snowstorm in Anchorage. They marched by the millions around the nation and there was not one violent confrontation, not one arrest, not one complaint from the police that the crowd was unruly or disrespectful. Their strength was in numbers. And what numbers they were!

Plus, women try their best to do things peacefully when possible. On the other hand, push us too far and you will find out just how violent we can get.

Orangeman and his minions may offer something they now term “alternative facts” but the Continue reading →