spam comments

Every week I get spam comments on this site from robots selling everything from education to… for some bizarre reason… porn. Don’t get me wrong. I have nothing against porn. If that’s your thing, go for it. But I was raised to be a good Catholic little girl and I still can’t bring myself to even search for porn on my computer. I’m sure the day I do, I’ll drop dead and then everyone will see a porn search in my browser history and my reputation… never good under the best of circumstances… will further be denigrated.

And yes, this Continue reading →


Impeachment… GOP style

So Republicans think impeaching a president over an Oval Office sex scandal is ok but impeaching a president for colluding with Russia, lying to the public and pressuring the FBI into a political decision are all within the realm of acceptable behavior.

Those dudes must have a really weird sex life.  Or maybe they were just mad that he was getting some on the side and they can’t get any from anyone without paying for it. Continue reading →

Columns 2017

Our world of horror

Growing up in the fifties, I spent a lot of time in a school hallway with my hands over my head or hiding under my desk. These were drills for the day when the godless communists would rain atom bombs down on America. According to the nuns, our hands or our desks would protect us from such an attack.

Sounds simplistic beyond belief now. How could even a little child believe that? Well, we did because back then, teachers were gods and if they said so, it must be true. And when those teachers were also nuns who had married Continue reading →


My heart breaks for England

As a subscriber to British History Magazine and a devoted Anglophile, my heart breaks for London and Manchester. But the British are the people who survived the blitz and emerged victorious. I have no doubt their descendants will also endure and emerge triumphant.

And on another note, fuck you, terrorists, fuck you all. Continue reading →


Thank god

Thank god the rest of the world no longer listens to America and will continue on to save the planet without our government. The only thing that hacks me off is that Orangeman will get to breathe the clean air we create despite his caveman edicts. Seems like we should force him to breathe from a canister of polluted air. Oh wait. That’s right. Every time he speaks, he pollutes the air. So all he has to do is inhale. Continue reading →

Columns 2017

Alaska Senate destroying Alaska educational system

As Anchorage lays off over two hundred teachers and you can literally hear the Alaska Senate flushing the toilet on any hope of a quality education here, I find myself thinking more and more of my father.

He was taken out of school when he was 14 to go to work. It was the Depression. His mother was already renting out rooms to borders. His dad was working full time. But it wasn’t enough. So his education was sacrificed to the family’s need for more income.

My Nona never said this was the reason. Instead, she insisted that the doctors Continue reading →


And so it begins

The end of the American Century moves another step closer to completion as Germany takes over as the leader of the free world… and with a woman at the helm! Those few remaining vets of WW II must think they’ve entered a parallel universe.

Congrats, Orangeman. In four short months you have totally destroyed the world’s faith and trust in American exceptionalism. Make America Great Again my ass! Continue reading →


Orangeman looked so out of place

In every picture of the meeting in Sicily, you had sophisticated, intelligent looking world leaders… and then you had fat, dumpy Orangeman looking like he wandered in from a bad night at an all you can eat buffet. How embarrassing for America. I don’t blame the French president for not wanting to shake his hand or Melania not wanting to hold it. I wouldn’t want to touch that either. Continue reading →